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Taxes are a fact of life. We’ll take care of the numbers so you
can focus on doing what you love.

Who We Are

Polygon Advisory Group is a cutting-edge tax and accounting firm. We provide a full range of traditional tax and accounting services, and we are one of the few accounting firms currently in the market with deep expertise in cryptocurrency taxation and blockchain accounting.

Our founders and key team members are all licensed CPAs and we have more than 40 years of combined tax and accounting experience. We gained extensive experience from working in both public accounting and industry.

We are passionate about helping clients make sense of their unique tax situations and understand the tax implications of their personal and business decisions. We provide top-notch tax planning solutions to help our clients achieve optimal tax savings, and we help our clients choose the most advantageous business structure for their startup business. We act as our client's trusted advisors to help them take care of their business, tax, and accounting needs.

We provide services to our clients virtually, leveraging cloud technology to negate the need for a central place of business. Our team members work out of their home offices in various states and around the world. We connect with each other and our clients through secured and top-rated technology platforms.

We serve all types of clients, with a strong focus on individuals and small businesses. We provide services across the United States and globally.

What we do

Let us take the stress out of running your business


No two tax clients are the same. Enjoy tax support tailored to your needs.

Learn more about tax.


We specialize in cryptocurrency taxation and we are one of the top crypto tax experts in the country.

Learn more about tax.


Finances can be confusing and stressful. We build an authentic, personal relationship that enables us to go beyond just the transactions.

Learn more about advice.


Accounting is the least enjoyable part of running your business. Let us take it off your hands.

Learn more about bookkeeping.


Life's better when people understand your needs

Blockchain Businesses

Finding an accountant who knows how to handle crypto bookkeeping is difficult, hand the work over to us.

Crypto Investors

We specialize in cryptocurrency taxation and we are one of the top crypto tax experts in the country.

Service-based Businesses

Get back to what matters most—your service-based business—and let us handle the books.


Sail through tax season with personalized, expert support.


We strive to provide the highest quality services and we treat each client with the uttermost respect and professionalism. We are not just your accountant. We are also your partner, your advocate, and your trusted advisor.

Tax Specialist

We know taxes. It’s all we do. We’ve helped clients across the country file their taxes and be better informed of their tax situation.

Year-Round Service

Taxes should be considered in any major financial decision, so we’re here year-round to answer your questions and make sure you have what you need.

Always On Time

The IRS won’t cut you a break for being late, so we strive to always get your work out the door well before any IRS or state agency deadlines.

Cloud-Based Service

Technology lets us work where you are. We can connect in person, over a video call, or by email. Our secure file-sharing makes it easy to share and sign documents.


Why your small business should invest in technology

See how the right technology can have a big impact on your small business.

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What people are saying

"How can the words "tax" and "pure pleasure" even be in the same sentence? They can when you combine them with PAG. Working with Sharon and Justin was an unbelievable experience. Their professionalism, knowledge and desire to help made what was once an excruciating ordeal into something quite the opposite. Can't wait to meet up with them next year. Thank you!!!"

-Ian Jascourt