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Bookkeeping for Blockchain Companies

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Bookkeeping for Blockchain Companies

Bookkeeping for Blockchain Companies

Many Blockchain companies are in the early stages of their business. As a startup, they often need help with their accounting and tax compliance. On top of that, they are facing the unique challenge of having to record both their crypto and fiat currency transactions for their bookkeeping. Finding an accounting software that can handle crypto transactions is a challenging task and finding an accountant who knows how to handle crypto bookkeeping is also difficult.

Our team at Polygon Advisory Group is knowledgeable in both crypto bookkeeping and the use of crypto accounting and tax software. We understand the different types of crypto transactions, their tax treatments, and we know how to “translate” crypto transactions for recording on the books as part of the traditional bookkeeping process. We are the expert you can rely on to take care of both your crypto and traditional bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Our bookkeeping services for blockchain companies include:

  • Provide recommendation for crypto (and traditional) bookkeeping software
  • Perform crypto transaction import and reconciliation
  • Prepare both crypto and traditional journal entries
  • Perform monthly transaction reconciliations
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports
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