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Cryptocurrency Taxation

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Cryptocurrency Taxation

Cryptocurrency Taxation

If you are involved in cryptocurrency transactions, chances are your current tax preparer does not understand how to handle your crypto taxes. We specialize in cryptocurrency taxation and we are one of the top crypto tax experts in the country. In addition to serving a significant number of crypto tax clients, we also teach other tax professionals how to correctly handle crypto taxes. If you are looking for a CPA who can handle both your crypto taxes and your regular tax return preparation, you have come to the right place.

To make sure your crypto tax report is correct, the first step is to reconcile all your crypto transactions. Most tax practitioners do not know how to do that. Many people have the misunderstanding that only trades need to be included in cost basis calculation, or a gain/loss needs to be calculated only if a coin is sold for fiat currency and cashed out. In addition, many people do not understand what transaction is taxable and what is not. The lack of or insufficient, official guidance in cryptocurrency taxation makes both crypto taxpayers and tax preparers feel like being in the dark, not knowing what to do. Our team has served hundreds of crypto investors and businesses with crypto transactions. We know inside out about crypto, not only because we specialize in crypto taxation, but also because we are personally experienced crypto investors, we speak the “crypto language.”

Full-service plans for individuals


  • Up to 5 unreconciled exchanges and wallets
  • Up to 5,000 basic crypto transactions*

Starting at $1,497


  • Up to 10 unreconciled exchanges and wallets
  • Up to 10,000 basic crypto transactions*

Starting at $2,897


  • Up to 20 unreconciled exchanges and wallets
  • Manual import assistance for crypto accounts
  • Up to 20,000 basic crypto transactions*
  • Individual tax return prep (federal + 1 state) base fees included

Starting at $5,397

New client set up fee (includes a video tutorial for self review + 30 min zoom consult) $350

* Basic crypto transactions include regular trading, transfers, gifting, donation, airdrops, hardfork, income and spend. Any DeFi and non-basic tranasctions such as margin trades, arbitrage, options/futures, mining, gaming, gambling, staking/interest, masternodes, crypto loans etc. are not included in the price above. Instead, time spend on handling these transactions will be billed on an hourly rate as listed below:

  • Associate - $250
  • Senior Associate - $275
  • Manager - $300
  • Senior Manager - $325
  • Director - $350
  • Managing Director - $400

The above service plans are only for individual crypto investors. Our deliverables include tax reports generated in the client's CoinTracking account, such as Form 8949, income report, gift/donation report, lost/stolen report, fees report, and closing position report.

There is no charge for crypto accounts you already reconciled or accounts we already reconciled for you and that are still correct. If you sign up for a lower tier plan but don't qualify for it, you will need to upgrade to a plan that's appropriate for you. Otherwise, we will not start the work.

If you are a business looking for crypto accounting services, please see our crypto business service plans.

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