We are now accepting returning and new clients for the 2023 tax season. For returning clients, please contact sales@polygonadvisory.com. For new clients, please schedule a free initial call.


Cryptocurrency Taxation

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Our Crypto Tax Services

Cryptocurrency Taxation

Our crypto service plans include assistance with basic crypto transactions such as regular trades, transfers, gifting, donation, airdrops, hard fork, income and spend, as well as advanced transactions such as margin trades, arbitrage, options/futures, mining, gaming, gambling, staking/interest, masternodes, crypto loans, DeFi, NFT's, etc.

Advanced transactions, especially DeFi and NFTs, usually take a lot more time than regular transactions due to complexity and manual processing required. Large number of transactions (e.g. 10K+), manual import for exchanges/wallets, and fixing import for exchange/wallet accounts with an API or importer not working well will also take more time to handle.

There is no limit to how many wallets, exchanges, or transactions we can reconcile for you.

Currently we use CoinTracking.info as our platform for providing account reconciliation and crypto tax report preparation services. We also use a few other similar software or web tools to supplement when necessary. But we require all our clients to have a paid CoinTracking account before we can do the work for them. You can use this link to sign up for a new account (or renew your existing CoinTracking account) and get a 10% discount. We will receive a small referral bonus if you sign up with our link, but there is no cost to you.

Our deliverables include tax reports generated in the client's CoinTracking account, such as Form 8949, income report, gift/donation report, lost/stolen report, fees report, and closing position report.

Please note that we do not handle reconciliation for people who commingle their personal and business crypto accounts/transactions. If you are investing in crypto personally and also having business crypto activities, you must use separate accounts and keep track of things separately. We can handle your personal and business crypto account reconciliation under separate engagements.

Engagement Process

We will be using a small group approach to handle annual reconciliation projects to ensure timely completion and to avoid overload and backlogs. We will accept new signups based on our team’s capacity. Everybody who wants to work with us will be put on a waiting list. We will send you a proposal for the service(s) you are interested in once we have a spot for you. Our proposals will expire after seven (7) days. Due to the demand for our services, you will need to start over and wait at the end of the line if you don’t accept our proposal within 7 days and still want to use our service(s).

We set priorities for accepting new engagements in the following order:

1. Returning clients who are signing up for multiple services such as both individual and business tax/accounting services

2. New clients who are signing up for multiple services such as both individual and business tax/accounting services

3. Returning clients who have been referring new clients to us

4. New clients referred by an existing client or a strategic partner of our firm

6. Everybody else, on a first come first serve basis

If you have a special situation and need us to make an exception, please contact sales@polygonadvisory.com.

We will send you an onboarding email and task list after you sign up with us and pay the initial fee. The sooner you can complete all the items on the task list, the sooner we can start working on your project. Please note that we do not work on piecemeals. Also, if you do not complete the onboarding check list within 7 days or stop communicating with us for 14 days days or more, we can cancel your project and no refund will be provided.

You will be assigned a project manager who will be your contact point and who will oversee the project completion. If you need consultation regarding some specific tax issues, please let your project manager know that you would like to schedule a call with one of our crypto CPAs. Time on the call will be charged to your project.