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Tax Resolution

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Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution

Not filing your tax return or filing it incorrectly can trigger a tax notice or audit from the IRS and/or your state. It can be a costly and time-consuming process for you to go through. Navigating tax audits and dealing with tax authorities without representation can be a dangerous mistake. It can cause you tremendous stress and destabilize your financial security.

We are licensed CPAs fully qualified to represent you in handling any tax resolution matters. We help clients deal with notices and audits from the IRS and state agencies. Collectively, we have had over $250,000 of federal tax penalties abated over the years. We are knowledgeable about tax rules. We always research the issues and provide you with a high level of support for any dispute resolution you may have, from computer-generated notices up through the appeals process.

Due to our specialization in cryptocurrency taxation, we are more qualified than most CPAs in serving crypto taxpayers who are getting IRS warning letters, tax notices, or audits related to under-reporting or failure to report cryptocurrency transactions.

For complicated cases and criminal cases, whether it is crypto or non-crypto related, we can refer you to an experienced tax attorney with who we partner and who can represent you even in court.

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